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Nouns & Adjectives 6

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On this page, you will get more practice learning when the English word "IS" is required.
When you want to say "The hotel is good", you say "HA-MALON TOV", or "The hotel good".
Since the "TOV" doesn't have the prefix "HA-" in front of it, you know they are not saying "The good hotel".
Some Israeli speakers will add the pronoun "HU" or "HI" as a substitute for "is", for example:
"HA-MALON HU TOV", or "The Hotel, he is good". Note that there is no word for "it" in Hebrew.
You have to use "he" or "she" instead of it, depending on whether the person or item is masculine or feminine.

NOTE carefully the next sentence. "GADOL" doesn't have the HA- prefix, so what does that mean?


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