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The Verb Menorah

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Hebrew has seven forms of verbs, called "Binyamin". Each "Binyan" portrays an aspect of the root ("SHORESH"). Binyan literally means "building" or "structure".

In the table below, we sill take the root "KATAV" through all seven binyanim. Each binyan actually has a perfect and imperfect tense (which roughly correlates with past and future). Not all verbs fit in all seven binyanim.

1 NIFAL Simple Passive It was written
2 PUAL Intensive Passive It was engraved
3 HUFAL Causative Passive It was dictated
4 HITPAEL Reflexive (or cooperative) N/A He corresponded
5 HIFIL Causative Active He dictated
6 PIEL Intensive Active He engraved
7 PAAL Simple (light) Active He wrote

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