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Demo Controls

Button Tryouts

First Version


With Dialog

Mockup to show an example of a JQuery Mobile dialog. The dialog displays the transliteration and translation for Shalom for all the words.


With Transliteration popup.

This is just to show how the popup works. Click on a button and note the little popup with the transliteration and translation.

I noticed that Skeleton puts the buttons below each other for narrow widths, this should not be necessary. These buttons have an alternative, non-Skeleton layout, which fits as many buttons as feasible on a line. Try incrementaly narrowing the width of the page to see the difference.


With chant layout

Same as previous, but using a layout for the buttons which resembles the boxes for the chants, as in the original program.

jQuery Mobile forces the text color and I can't change it using regular CSS. I will investigate this in due time.

[chant_word] [chant_word], [chant_word] [chant_word] [chant_word].

[chant_word] [chant_word] [chant_word] [chant_word], [chant_word] [chant_word] [chant_word] [chant_word] [chant_word].

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