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Paypal Subscription Plans

Use the trial to see how much you like our tutorials, and to make sure they work on your device (iPhone, Android,
tablet, PC, browser, etc...)

Two advantages of the annual subscription:

  1. You save $40.40 over the one year period
  2. You don't ever have to worry about the monthly issue of getting locked out of the website for non-payment.

Monthly Subscription
$0.01 for 7 days Trial
$9.95/month After Trial

Annual Subscription
$0.01 for 7 days Trial
$79/year After Trial

Three Year Non-Recurring Subscription
$199 for 3 Years
This is for those that are committed to long term learning Hebrew, want to save a few more Shekels, and don't want any automated re-billing ever.

Alternative to Paypal

You can use Stripe to directly pay with a credit card.
Please note, the charge on your card will be from "Amerisoft Inc"

Need help with Payments? Read Payment FAQ's

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